Latvian Ornithological Society Global alliance of conservation organisations working together for the world's birds and people

About Latvian Ornithological Society

White Wagtail - the national bird of Latvia and the symbol of LOB
Photo by A. Dimperans/

Latvian Ornithological Society (LOB) was founded in 1985 and anyone interested in birds and nature conservation can join it.

Our mission is to conserve diverse and viable wild bird fauna of Latvia.

At the end of 2012 LOB had 439 members: people of various ages and occupations joined by interest in birds and research and conservation of them. LOB is overseen by a Council of eight members and a president, elected for four years by our members. Everyday work is run by the Board and staff. The buget of LOB consists of project funding, donations by private individuals and companies and membership fees.

Since 1994 (since 2001 as a full partner) LOB is the representative of the global partnership of conservation organisations BirdLife International in Latvia.

LOB carries out research and conservation of wild birds and their habitats, educates and involves wider society and cooperates with other NGOs and government institutions to ensure conservation of birds.