Latvian Ornithological Society Global alliance of conservation organisations working together for the world's birds and people

To become a member of LOB you are not obliged to take part in our projects. You don't even have to be able to identify bird species. What matters more is that you care about birds and their future. With your membership fee you support our work in research and conservation of the birds of Latvia. Members of LOB are of various ages and occupations: professional ornithologists, birdwatchers, foresters, farmers, teachers, businessmen, students, children etc. We value every member. The more members we have the stronger our influence on nature conservation and the harder it is to ignore our position.
Members of LOB:
• receive the membership magazine "Putni daba" and other informative materials on birds for free
• get discounts for birdwatching trips organised by the company "Motacilla" and merchandise of "Motacilla" shop
• can take part in the projects and programmes run by LOB.
How to become a member?
Anyone can become a member of LOB by filling in the application form and paying the membership fee. You can pay the membership fee by bank transfer:

Latvijas Ornitologijas biedriba

reg. no. 40008002230

Bank: Swedbank, SWIFT code: HABALV22

IBAN: LV34HABA000140J035491

Membership fee:
• Adults: EUR 15,00 per year
• Youth (up to 21 years of age) and seniors: EUR 5,00 per year
• Members living outside Latvia: EUR 30,00 per year
• Family membership: Members of this group have one postal adress to which all materials are sent in one copy, but each of the members has all rights of a LOB member. These members pay one full membership fee (EUR 15,00) and EUR 1,00 for each additional member
• Life membership: EUR 375 (in Latvia) or EUR 750 (if you live outside Latvia)

Membership application form

Application form (Word 2002 document)

You can fill the form digitally and send it by e-mail: or print it and send by post:Latvijas Ornitologijas biedriba, A.k. 105, Riga, LV-1046, Latvia